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The Ballmer Peak


We love Colorado and the spirotus folks who inhabit it. We strive to be a part of the lovely community that we humbly serve. Grain to glass we are proud to be Made In Lakewood.


Using our creativity and our passion for all things spirituous we blend tried & true methods with modern ideas and technology to deliver the best possible spirits, with unique flavors and techniques.


Age is just a number, and isn’t always the mark of a tasty product. Our aged spirits will be worth waiting for, but we can assure you that even our new make distillates are of sipping caliber.


Our production facility has been designed to waste less which is why we built a water recirculation system with conservation and sustainability at the heart. Quality water is important to a quality spirit, and we go through a great deal as to not wastefully pour it down the drain.

A World Of Inspiration

Made in Lakewood, Colorado

Who We Are

Ballmer Peak Distillery is founded and operated by Eric Strom and Austin Adamson. Lifelong friends with a history of creative, ambitious and sometimes crazy ideas that almost get finished. After a spirited conversation in 2014, surrounded by the crisp mountain air of Denver, Colorado and fueled by some delicious whiskey, the two decided to embark on a journey that they would see through to the end. Thus Ballmer Peak Distillery was born. After years of planning, searching and dreaming they decided they’d be in good hands in a cute, stand-alone building in Lakewood, Colorado.

Now, Eric and Austin hope to motivate, inspire and fuel the passions and creativity of others by sharing their delicious, quality creations with the world.

Austin Adamson
Head Distiller, Co-Founder

Distiller, traveller, reality show contestant. Opinionated about the pronunciation of the word "Melbourne."

Eric Strom
Manager, Co-Founder

Designer, developer, tiki enthusast. Can talk about what makes a sandwich a sandwich for hours.

Fasha Strom

Lunch stealer, morale officer, bagel (basset/beagle). She knows that she's really the boss around here.

Let's have a drink

Come Visit Us


Have some questions? You can find some common ones here. Don't find what you're looking for? You can contact us at with anything you don't find here

Where are you located?

We are in Lakewood, Colorado, the city's only distillery. Come visit us at 12347 W Alameda Pkwy. We're right across the street from the Natural Grocers and directly across from New Peking.

What are your hours?

Sun: 1:30pm - 9PM
Mon: 3pm - 9PM
Tue: 3pm - 9PM
Wed: 3pm - 9PM
Thu: 3PM - 9PM
Fri: 3PM - 10PM
Sat: 1:30pm - 10PM

What spirits do you make?

Our main line-up consists of Australian Style Gin, Silver Rum, Golden Rum, Spiced Rum and an un-aged (aged for 1 minute if we're honest) Whiskey. We also have some special spirits in the works including dunder rums, and a seasonal whiskey. We are always playing around with smaller batch projects, and those sometimes make their way into the tasting room. Best way to see what's on our current lineup is to visit us!

Do you have food?

Unfortunately we don’t have food at the moment but soon we plan on having snacks available. We have some amazing restaurants in the area, and you can bring food or have it delivered for your enjoyment when you stop by for a cocktail.

Where can I buy your spirits?

Right now, just from us. Stop by our distillery and we'll get you a bottle of whatever you'd like. We'll be distributing to your local stores restaurants and bars soon. Let us know where you’d like to see our products for sale.

Tasting Room Hours

Sun: 1:30pm - 9PM
Mon: 3pm - 9PM
Tue: 3pm - 9PM
Wed: 3pm - 9PM
Thu: 3PM - 9PM
Fri: 3PM - 10PM
Sat: 1:30pm - 10PM

12347 W Alameda Pkwy
Lakewood, CO 80228 720.316.5824

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